Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are local electrical contractors in the area. Can't they do the same work? 

A: There are no electrical plans or drawings that come with your greenhouse! The majority of electrical contractors do not provide design/build services, do not have extensive control experience,and are unfamiliar with greenhouse structures, equipment, controls, and the functions. 

On institutional projects, the Construction Documents usually fall short of complete detailed working electrical and control drawings for the Greenhouse if they are even provided! This results in RFI’s, change orders, and often re-work.

Q: How can Brooks Electrical Services provide a competitive bid for the electrical and control work for my project when they are located so far away?

A: Our Company understands the greenhouse functions, equipment, controls, and structure. We are competitive because we do not need to “figure out” how to wire and control your greenhouse.

Our experience will more than compensate for the additional labor, complications, delays, and perhaps damage that the local electrician may add to your project. 

We can mobilize our lead electricians anywhere in the US and complete your project effectively and efficiently. On larger projects we hire local qualified electricians to perform work as directed by our foreman.