What Sets Us Apart

Our experience and expertise with greenhouses is what truly sets us apart from every other electrical company willing to do work on your greenhouses. When you hire Brooks Electrical Services you know that your expensive equipment is in good hands and is going to be installed and set up in manner that will maintain the life of the equipment itself as well as operate as efficiently as possible.

No electrical contractor is going to miss out on a job opportunity by admitting they are in over their head with your environmental control system. Unfortunately it falls on you; the grower, researcher, teacher, general contractor, architect, engineer, consultant or project manager to do your research and hire someone that is qualified to work with the specialized equipment and installations needed in the greenhouse industry. 

How many general electricians know things like:

That when opening curtains in the morning it is important to have them open slowly to mix the trapped cold air above with the warm air below, as opposed to having them open quickly and the cold air potentially stressing or damaging crops? 

The various series of equipment operations related to the steps or stages on your controller to ensure that they are cycling properly?

The importance of properly setting vent motor limit switches to prevent vents from caving in or coming off of the rack and pinion, or the ideal maximum height at which vents are "fully" open to minimize wind damage.

That by having a large amount of HID lights in a house may cause the cooling system to cycle because of the excessive heat created by the lights, and how to remedy this.

That with some controls to maintain efficiency some equipment operations should be pulsed, such as heaters, so as to not overshoot the setpoint and begin cooling stages cycling heating and cooling stages constantly.

These are just a few things to consider.


Check out our "FAQ" page for more reasons why we should be your first consideration when looking for environmental control help, if you don't find your answer there fill out the form on the "Contact Us" page and we will respond as soon as we get the chance.